Inventories of records are conducted at various levels, from annotating that the records are still not ordered or very basic lists to detailed inventories of record groups or collections.

Most inventories are available on this website, a few have been published in book form, and a few can be consulted in NŠAL’s library.

In parish archives, the inventories do not include civil registers and family registers (status animarum), but instead are kept separately and can be consulted in NŠAL’s reception hall.

The inventories are regularly extended and updated.

When citing NŠAL’s archival records, one should provide the reference code, the record group title, the technical unit, and the document title. Reference codes are visible in the inventories of collections and record groups. Rather than a reference code, parish archives are only designated NŠAL, ŽA.


  • NŠAL 32, Bogoslovno semenišče v Ljubljani, box 68. Izkaz napredka slušateljev hermenevtike, 1800.
  • NŠAL 107, Fotografska zbirka. Predalčniki, kraji (P, K). Polšnik, zunanjost župnijske cerkve, March 25th, 1958, no. 01256.
  • NŠAL 333, Anton Vovk, box 1. Potni list Kraljevine Jugoslavije za Antona Vovka; 1932–1938.
  • NŠAL, ŽA Dobrova, razne knjige, box 5. Oznanilna knjiga 1836–1840, p. 3.
  • NŠAL, ŽA Ljubljana – Sv. Peter. Mrliška knjiga 1715–1748, p. 4.

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