The Ljubljana Archdiocesan Archives (NŠAL) is a private archival institution under the Archdiocese of Ljubljana that holds over 1,300 linear meters of archival records arranged in about seven hundred record groups and collections from the twelfth to twenty-first centuries. The record groups and collections are divided into seven basic groups: Ljubljana Diocesan Archives; Ljubljana Cathedral Chapter Archives; Material from the Estates of Bishops, Priests, and Others; Associations; Collections; Parish Archives of the Archdiocese of Ljubljana and the Diocese of Novo Mesto; Miscellanea.

  1. Ljubljana Diocesan Archives: records produced by the administrators of the diocesan head offices (between the fifteenth and twenty-first centuries).
  2. Cathedral Chapter Archives: records produced by the administrators of the Ljubljana cathedral chapter or its predecessors (1394–1951).
  3. Collections: over twenty independent collections, including collections of charters, manuscripts, photos, plans, and maps (1140–).
  4. Associations: records of predominantly church associations operating from the end of the nineteenth century onward.
  5. Material from Estates, subdivided into Material from the Estates of Bishops and Material from the Estates of Priests and Others: a corpus of about three hundred papers of Ljubljana’s bishops, priests, and certain laymen (from the sixteenth century onward).
  6. Parish Archives: archives of parishes of the Ljubljana Archdiocese and the Novo Mesto Diocese that have transferred their archival records to NŠAL.
  7. Miscellanea: record groups of Catholic missions abroad, various institutions, military units, and so on.

NŠAL employs four professionally trained archivists, covering their respective areas.

  • Julijana Visočnik: head archivist and archivist consultant, covering earlier holdings of the diocesan archives and part of the collections.
  • Nataša Car: archivist, covering collections of charters and manuscripts, cathedral chapter archives, and diocesan seigniories. She is the head of the archival office.
  • Tone Krampač: archivist consultant, covering parish archives, civil register copies, and digitization of records.
  • Blaž Otrin: archivist consultant, covering material from estates, associations, more recent holdings of the diocesan archives, and the collection of photographs. He maintains the register of record groups.

Ljubljana Archdiocesan Archives

Krekov trg 1, 1000 Ljubljana

Phone: +386 1234 75 70

Email: [email protected]


Monday: 8:00 am – 3:30 pm

Tuesday–Friday: 8:00 am – 1:30 pm

Closed: August 1st–20th, national holidays, Corpus Christi